First & Fourteenth is a values-driven litigation boutique. We exist to advance our clients’ interests, defend our most sacred freedoms, and promote the best traditions of the legal profession.

More than a name, an ethos.

Enduring principles.

Elite capabilities.

Our Commitments

Relentless Excellence

Delivering excellent legal results for our clients always comes first. We strive to bring the full power of our team to every matter we take on, with the goal of providing a level of passion and legal insight that rivals any other firm in the region. We expect to be judged based on our merit and our wins, nothing less.

Collective Strength

We bring the capabilities and horsepower of a big firm without the rigid hierarchy. With each of us personally invested in our clients’ success, we work collaboratively, make decisions as a team, and deploy the strategies and expertise needed for the challenge at hand. We believe in mutual respect and the open exchange of ideas. Because we know a thorough hearing of all viewpoints drives better results.

Bold Creativity

We seek to be our clients’ first call for cases when the issues are complicated and the way forward isn’t clear. To advance our clients’ goals, we are willing to take strategic risks and work outside of the conventional playbook. We pride ourselves on delivering highly creative solutions that overcome obstacles and forge a path where one might not otherwise exist.

Moral Courage

As attorneys, we take an oath to defend the cause of the defenseless and oppressed. That duty is sacred. We are men and women of character guided by the traditions of our profession and the inherent wisdom of the law, not by trends or external approval. From challenging government overreach to defending organizations in matters of conscience, we have the courage to take on tough cases others can’t or won’t.

Our History

First & Fourteenth PLLC has a rich and intentional history. Our roots trace to Nussbaum Speir PLLC, which Martin Nussbaum helped found in 2018. After Ed Gleason joined Nussbaum Speir in 2020, it became Nussbaum Speir Gleason, and later Nussbaum Gleason. Andrew Nussbaum and then Chad Blomberg joined the firm, further expanding the firm’s capabilities and geographic reach.

In 2024, Nussbaum Gleason combined with three new partners—Chris Murray, Julian Ellis, and Laura Ellis—to form First & Fourteenth PLLC. This new venture provides expanded capabilities while remaining true to what brought us together: placing clients first. Indeed, we make this commitment explicit in the first article of our organizing document:

[Our] primary purpose is to serve… clients brilliantly in the practice of law. This requires empathy formed by a willingness to learn, understand, and appreciate each client’s history, values, and aspirations. It requires a nuanced understanding of the law applied to a client’s particular circumstance. It requires virtue, judgment, wise counsel, and fierce advocacy delivered in a timely and efficient manner. None of this is possible without recruitment and retention of lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals of extraordinary character, talent, achievement, effort, and enthusiasm.
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